Responsive Table
Chairman Sponsor Presidential Sponsor Medallion Sponsor Executive Sponsor Premier Sponsor
$75,000 $50,000 $35,000 $20,000 $10,000
Invitations for conference launch Gala Dinner 6 4 2 1
Customization credit to spend on sponsorship menu $9K $6.5K $5K $3K $1.5K
Meeting rooms for scheduling private meetings (4 people) Y Y Y
Complimentary booth space or marketing item handed out Y Y Y Y Y
Complimentary ad (by share of page and color) Full (c) Full (c) 1/2 (b&w) 1/2 (b&w)
Plenary priority seating (by level) Y Y Y Y Y
Logo on plenary screen before and after keynotes Y Y Y Y Y
Logo on key signage placed throughout conference Y Y Y Y Y
Logo, description, and link on website sponsorship page Primary Primary Secondary Y Y
Logo in conference guide and app sponsorship listing Primary Primary Secondary Y Y
Pre and post attendee lists upon request (excluding emails) Y Y Y Y Y
Badges with sponsorship ribbon Y Y Y Y Y


Interested in sponsoring, exhibiting, or advertising at the 2017 conference? Please contact us at events@ichom.org for more information.